Builders come with new features for Homes. S2 homes have come with many new features in their apartments in Sarjapur road and Villa Plots in Jigani. They have come up with some best techniques to make your stay modern and environmentally friendly. Technologies have brought revolution in the field of Real Estate. Few of the technologies that can help us in many ways are following.

1.Rain Harvesting: -As all our water sources are drying up we need to think and come up with some new techniques. Rain Harvesting is a process in which rainwater is stored and is used for various Purpose. Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting in the metropolitan city is you can save on your water bill, in this way the demand on groundwater can be reduced. One can use Rainwater for several Non Drinking purposes.

2.Terrace Garden: – With the increase in the percentage of pollution and the decrease in the number of trees, we are moving towards an era we need to grow more plants to overcome many problems. With terrace garden, you can contribute a little to the environment. There are many advantages of Terrace Garden like it adds a natural look to your home, you don’t need a special area for this, it enhances the aesthetics of the house, it also improves the outer look of he house, it helps you keep your home cool.

3.Solar Lights:- This is the new technologies that are adopted by many apartments and is also adapted in Villa Plots in Sarjapur Road by S2 Homes. They have used Solar lighting for all the exterior lighting purpose in order to save the electricity. The main advantages of using outdoor Solar Lightings is it is cost effective, it is environmentally friendly and also come in various styles.


Using these technologies in your apartments or house or plots can be beneficial in many ways.