Are you looking for plots for sale in Bangalore? If your answer to this question is affirmative then make sure that you have adequate knowledge to buy one for yourself. Plots for sale are available with varied tags of cost to suit every pocket. While flipping through the pages of classified you will come across a number of such property ads. You should be aware of these tips before you buy plots in Bangalore.Prefer to buy plots in Sarjapur Road as there are many plots for sale in this area.

  1. Know the Owner: -Before you buy plots in Bangalore you must know the original owner of the plot. Make sure that the owner of the plot is the builder from whom you are buying the plot. Check for the verification of the ownership of the plot by the builder.
  2. NA Order Papers – NA is a Non-agricultural, it is a certificate that a plot for sale in Bangalore must have which gives the authority to built a house, or any commercial building on it. NA certification vary asNA – Commercial

    NA – Warehouses

    NA – Resort

    NA – IT

    NA – Residential (this is the one where one can build a residential house)

    Make sure that to check the certificate before purchase.

  3. Approvals:- Before buying a plot in Bangalore make sure that is it a BMRDA plots for sale because if you purchase a plot without BMRDA approval you may have to face many consequences later in future.
  4. FSI – FSI is known as floor space index, every city has different FSI percentage. FSI percentage means on how much area of land can a building be constructed. Depending on the FSI one can construct the building. FSI of 100% means if you have the plot of size 2000 sq ft, you can build a house of 2000 sq ft on that. If the FSI is 75%, then you can only build 1500 sq ft of the house on that 2000 sqft land.
  1. Verify Other Projects: – You must look for the other projects of the same builder, if possible have a word with other clients of this builder in order to get trust on them. Visit various projects completed and ongoing by them and then move ahead with the deal
  2. Visit the Plot: – Before making the final decision please do visit the plot for inspection and check whether the plot is in slope or a flat plot.


If you are looking forward to buying plots in Bangalore then make sure that you buy plots in sarjapur road or plots in jigani, why because by buying plots in these locations you can easily commute to your work as they are near to many Tech parks.